Wall Dress

“Wall dress” collection won Samsung EGO Innovation Project 17 and proposes an approach between Architecture and Fashion. Several architectural planes are transformed into fashion patterns that get adapted to the body through the use of memory shape technology.

The project is conceived inside the experimental creation field and the digital fabrication of new skins: materials that get adapted to the body when they receive heat stimuli.  “Wall dress” is composed of seven architectural planes fabricated with light architecture materials treated by digital and craft tools to turn them into dresses. Each design has been elaborated with shape memory fabrics (SMP y SMA) in order to get adapted to the body right after receiving heat stimuli. The materials needed for the dressmaking have been provided by AITEX (Textile Research Institute, Alicante) and the Institute of Polymer Science and Technology (ICTP, CSIC Madrid). Ignacio Acebes Cardalliaguet (Gil Bartolomé architects collaborator) has collaborated in the electronic development of the proposal.

The staging of the runway show supports, as well, the Fashion-Architecture connection concept. Seven architectural planes appear floating in the dark catwalk space. The designs are delicately placed on the models body and, after a few seconds, fabrics start moving slightly, modifying the pieces silhoutte. It is about a dynamic proposal that suggest a dialogue between the body and the world that surround us. A reflection about Architecture, Technology and Fashion.