Growing Landscapes

This collection came out during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid - EGO 18, and proposes an approach between landscape and garment through the skin or cover concept. Our body is surrounded by various skins; our own skin, clothing, the walls of architecture, the buildings that surround us... etc. These can get closer to each other and to our body, the most intimate cover. The proposal moves around two disciplines: architecture and fashion, and reunites different scales aparently far away, territorial one and corporal one.

We understand landscape concept in a broad sense, as natural-artificial landscape. Natural landscape touched by man and our cities' urban landscape, inspire this collection. We are interested in the diffuse limit between them. These landscapes generate textures, more or less invisible skins that surround our body and connect us with our environment.

This collection explore the use of new materials as different kinds of silicone, thermic insulation sheets, methacrylate, acetate, filaflex...We apply technology to them thanks to digital and prototype tools as laser cut or flexible 3d printing, to adapt them to the body. We also continue investigating the integration of memory shape materials in these skins.



Some of these pictures by Jesús González