B-Sensor: Smart cushion

Collaborative project with

_makers: Alessandra Boi; Gian Paolo Troga; Javier Villarroel

_FabLab/ institute: Fab Lab Cagliari (Francesca Mereu); Fab Lab Ied Madrid (Ignacio Prieto)

ITmakES initiative is about a group of projects conceived by the Italian Embassy in Madrid about the new made in Italy; a combination of a design tradition It combines with new technologies, sustainability and social responsibility.


For people forced to spend many hours on the wheelchair, keeping the same position for a long period of time, a duration of which is going to be subjective and dependant of many factors, results in constant pressure on the same parts of the body, creating the risk of eschar formation. Continuous assessment of pressure could inform physicians about repositioning strategies and play a key role in a comprehensive strategy for the prevention and management of decubitus wounds. There are currently “smart” cushions, which can prevent the formation of sores and ulcers, thanks to a matrix of pressure sensors, but their cost is very high. The aim of the project is to provide a low-cost Pad that prevents the formation of sores. The Pad is made with materials and techniques that make it possible to incorporate and integrate electronic components and biometric sensors into the fabric. Users of the Pad will find easy to use and manage the various parameters and options through smartphones, such as the time it takes before sending an alarm signal, pressure sensitivity or correct position.